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It’s an ivy league education for sixth form student from King’s Lynn

Abigail Peters has been accepted into one of New York City's top universities
Abigail Peters has been accepted into one of New York City's top universities

A Springwood Sixth Form student is packing her bags ready to move to the Big Apple to study at one of the city’s top universities.

Abigail Peters, 17, from Lynn, has been accepted into Columbia University in August, which is one of New York City’s ivy league colleges.

Overwhelmed by news of her acceptance, Abigail said: “My mum and I had stayed up until midnight, when I knew the decisions would be released, continuously refreshing the online page.

“When the results came out I couldn’t even bring myself to look. But then when I brought up the courage to read the letter, and found out that I had been admitted I just couldn’t believe it.”

Abigail managed to secure a place on the Sutton Trust US Programme, which encourages academically talented British students from low and moderate income homes to consider studying at American universities.

She was one of 150 students selected for the programme, which includes a summer school in either Yale University or Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Springwood Sixth Form student added: “It was something I had been working for for so long and something I wanted so badly, yet up until that point it hadn’t really felt real. Like it was actually happening to me.

“Then it finally dawned on me, when reading the acceptance letter, that this was really happening, I was actually going to study in America.

“I can’t even put into words how much I have desperately wanted something like this to happen to me and now I am counting down the days until August.”

Abigail, like all American university students, will declare her major, which is equivalent to deciding on a degree in England, after studying a range of subjects during her first 12-months.

Speaking about what she may choose to major in after her first year and what she is most excited about, Abigail said: “The system of courses is actually slightly different in the US, in that you don’t apply for a degree but rather for admission to the school overall.

“Then, once you’re there you have a year to take different classes and see what you’re interested in before you declare your major, which is basically the subject of your degree.

“I have a few different ideas, and lots of different classes I want to take, which is really what drew me so strongly to the education system in America.

“The ability to decide more freely what I want to study. Having said that, I do love English and I have a keen interest in politics so I am considering majoring in literature, human rights, philosophy or international relations. I will be studying at Columbia for four years, which is the length of degrees in the US.

“I’m really looking forward to the whole package of Columbia University. Getting an incredible education from an institution that I know is the right fit for me.

“To have the city at my doorstep, the chance to immerse myself in a way of life so different from my own and the opportunity to meet classmates from all corners of the globe.”

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