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Stephenson Smart accountant's tip on how to prevent 'flooding' by using cloud software

So last weekend I had a day off from being dad.

I know you are thinking that I probably had a lie in, watched a box-set and had a pub lunch.

I did not.

Neil Gayton, accountant at Stephenson Smart (19050195)
Neil Gayton, accountant at Stephenson Smart (19050195)

Instead I joined four of my Stephenson Smart colleagues over the border in Suffolk to take part in the Lowestoft Half Marathon.

Now I have run in many conditions, but never one where I was soaked through to the skin before I’d even started.

The rain was torrential with no let up during the entire race, so much so that afterwards I had to wring my socks out and other clothing items we will not speak of.

The course had to be changed at the eleventh hour due to flooding, which saw us having to jump over a wall and dodge huge puddles in the car park.

But despite all the obvious obstacles our corporate team finished second overall.

People often talk about being flooded (see what I did there?) with receipts and invoices and here at Stephenson Smart we can help remedy that situation.

Using a receipt capture app is one way of doing that.

It allows you to photograph your invoices and store them on your cloud accounting software, so you don’t need to keep the originals.

It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner, or if you need to track expenses as part of your job, the apps available all help you scan your receipts and keep them in order for you.

Some of the popular apps include Receipt Bank and Smart Receipts. Receipt Bank lets you take a picture of the receipt and then it picks out all the important details to store.

It certainly can help you feel less overwhelmed when it comes to your finances.

Oh, and in case you are interested, while I was dealing with floods and soggy shorts the boys were back in Lynn on the park run.

One got a PB – in the sunshine.

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