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Keep your pets safe and calm on bonfire night

Shaman's Legacy Dog Rescue and Rehoming
Shaman's Legacy Dog Rescue and Rehoming

Shaman’s Legacy Dog Rescue and Rehoming is urging firework users to be mindful of family pets in the wake of bonfire night.

The organisation, which is based in Lynn and Wisbech, works to “ensure dogs are safe, happy and in the best forever homes” and is asking firework users to keep all animals in mind this bonfire night.

Lyndsey Forest of Shaman’s Legacy Dog Rescue and Rehoming says making neighbours aware of a person’s intention to set off fireworks can allow pet owners to put the correct measures in place to protect their animals.

She said: “Being aware allows a pet owner to put in the correct measures in place to ensure their pets are as safe as possible, including making sure all pets are in the home and doors and gates shut. They can ensure pets are calm and are actually at home with them.

“Most importantly if owners are aware of times the displays are starting they can ensure that their dogs aren’t in the garden as when a heightened states of anxiety and fear comes into a dog they can easily clear a 6 foot fence to run away and hide.”

RSPCA has estimated 45 per cent of dogs in the UK show signs of fear when they hear fireworks.

They suggest walking dogs during daylight hours to avoid times when fireworks are most likely, closing windows and curtains to muffle the sounds, and putting on some music or the television to mask the loud bangs.

For cats and smaller animals, they suggest providing in home hiding places, and partly covering outside cages and pens with blankets to offer a soundproof and hiding area.

She added: “People can keep pets safe and clam in lots of ways. Natural calmers such as valerian and scullcap can be started now then the doses upped when you know there will be a display near you. But also turning TVs and radios up loud, ensuring all windows and doors are shut with curtains closed, and thundershirts and bandage wraps.”

For information on keeping a horse safe and secure during the firework season, visit http://www.bhs.org.uk/safety-and-accidents/common-incidents/fireworks.

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