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Key benefits of a virtual office address in London according to Hoxton Mix

Key benefits of a virtual office address in London

London is one of the world's foremost financial, technological and cultural hubs, making it a great place to have a business and also notoriously expensive as far as office rentals are concerned. As rentals are notably costly, it makes any virtual office address in London a valuable option to explore.

That is actually why businesses should consider virtual offices in the first place according to the Hoxton Mix. Moreover, the standard capabilities of a physical office are made digital, which in turn comes with a few notable benefits.

Hoxton Mix
Hoxton Mix

So let’s check the said benefits in detail. Not only will you see what any virtual office address in London offers, but take a look at the services as a whole. Having covered that, read on!

The ins and outs: defining a virtual business address

Office addresses of this nature are such that they place various standard tools in the digital space.

In doing so, those working in said offices can operate remotely and without the need for a physical location. This, of course, provides owners with the benefits that we'll get as well as a great number of services which are as follows:

- a virtual email address and contact

- administrative services

- mail-related services

- both physical and virtual storage services

- the provision of domains

- virtual receptionist assistants

- conference/meeting rooms just in case

Offices of this kind became particularly prominent during the global pandemic, but have since become a mainstay.

This is especially visible with the availability of tools such as Zoom conference calls.

Moreover, Zoom acquired Kites tech solutions, an AI language translation company, that helped to break down language barriers in video calls in 2021. And many virtual office providers offer the above services as a standard package.

It’s worth noting that said services aren’t offered at once. To gain access to them, you have to seek out providers that use a packaging system, where certain packages offer certain services. This system makes having a virtual address more accessible because based on your budget and business requirements, you may need some services and not others.

Their main advantages

Having gone through virtual offices and what they are, we can finally get into how beneficial they are to those possessing them.

Your typical virtual office in London can provide owners with several benefits that affect both employers and employees. These are as follows:

It saves money

As stated earlier, London is quite the expensive place to be, especially, when it comes to its office space rentals. Access to any London virtual office address allows you to avoid paying high rentals. Instead, it has you paying monthly fees to your chosen provider, based on your package of choice.

This isn’t the only way money is saved, however. The following are just a few other ways money is saved for office owners:

- Nothing is spent on utilities

- Nothing is spent on fixtures and fittings

- Nothing is spent on cleaning and maintenance services

It's convenient for workers

Employees of virtual offices have the great benefit of being able to work remotely from all over the world.

As such, they can better fit their work around their regular day, while also removing some inconveniences like paying for transportation to a physical location.

This also has a great number of positive effects including the following:

- Increased productivity as a result of the less time spent in transit

- Better flexibility for employees

- Less fuel consumption, which reduces carbon emissions and gives organisations a good reputation

It makes organisations seem more professional

With the service in question at your disposal, your operation looks far more professional irrespective of size and establishment.

The domain, business address, mailbox, and telephone services provided make you seem more legitimate than if you used personal information.

In addition to this, the usually well-furnished conference room/meeting place only makes this appear to be more the case.

It simplifies scaling

With this type of working environment, scaling up or down is significantly easier.

This is because the lack of physical space means that expansion can be done without moving to a new location, which costs money.

Simultaneously, scaling down is also easier since a drop in employees won't be seen as a waste of physical space.

It allows for a larger employee base

A standard space requires people to physically clock in and out during work hours, which means said individuals have to live in the locality.

Virtual spaces don’t have this issue at all, since workers via the ever-growing digital world can operate from literally anywhere.

This creates a larger pool of labour, which can be incredibly convenient as they could work around the clock due to the different time zones, thus giving proper 24-hour service.

Additionally, it’s crucial to remember that the office rent itself is expensive, especially if we speak about large spaces.

And with an educated growing number of internet users, and this is around 64.6 per cent of the global population or 5.18 billion people with around 60 per cent, engaging in social media, it is easier to implement.

With the global internet usage, different countries are having a high percentage of adoption of new tech, around 98% in Europe.

Something to think about

While these work environments are beneficial, many have concerns with them. Two such concerns are their apparent lack of employee relationship-building as well as their vulnerability to cyber attacks since they are in the digital world. These concerns are valid, but easily curbed.

The former of the two concerns is being solved with the aid of virtual reality and office software. The latter is primarily helped by using tools like the cloud, which can be difficult to penetrate.

Final thoughts

Now that you're aware of the many benefits of these addresses, getting ones of your own seems like a no-brainer.

However, caution is needed when considering a virtual office address in London may offer, as they have to meet your needs. If they do, the same benefits above will be enjoyed.

With how expensive London is the most obvious advantage of these addresses is money saved from potential rentals, but that's only the beginning.

When you think about it, it's no wonder that organisations of any size can enjoy the benefits. This is even more so when the thought of the packaging system comes to mind.

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