Kind Jack, 9, helps children see worries gobbled up

Rachel Walker and Jack Plummer, 9, helped by Nelson's Journey. ANL-151111-131230001
Rachel Walker and Jack Plummer, 9, helped by Nelson's Journey. ANL-151111-131230001
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Giant worry eaters that literally gobble up the fears of grieving children have been bought by a charity, thanks to a little boy from Lynn.

Nelson’s Journey, the Norfolk-based charity that works with bereaved children were tipped off to the resource by Jack Plummer, aged nine.

Nelson's Journey giant worry eater

Nelson's Journey giant worry eater

He was seven when his mother, Amee Walker, died of a brain tumour at the age of 29.

He was living with his grandmother, Rachel Walker, whilst his mum was ill and this continued after she died.

For a few months the family struggled on their own but could see that Jack would benefit from some extra support so they got in touch with Nelsons Journey.

Mrs Walker said: “A child bereavement support worker called Lorna came to our house to see Jack and showed us the support that could be given to Jack and also us as a family.

“I used to spend a lot of time browsing the Internet to try and find anything I thought would help Jack alongside everything Nelsons Journey were doing, it was then that I discovered the Worry Eaters.”

Thanks to a grant from Warburtons, Nelson’s Journey has recently been able to buy two giant worry eaters.

They are used to encourage children to write down their fears, which may be things like worrying that their remaining parent may also die, that they will catch cancer or that their friends might shun them.

This resource allows them to get to the bottom of the anxietiesand begin dealing with their issues and feel better about themselves and their situation.

Jack said “I used to have a lot of worries and still do have some but when my worry eater arrived it felt good to know I could write my worries down and get rid of them in his mouth.

“Nan would talk to me about them which would make me feel a lot better. I hope these help other children like me because I know how horrible it is to worry all the time.

“I now know it is good to talk through your worries and not to keep them to yourself.”