King’s Lynn artist exhibits

Artist Gerald Marsland ANL-150227-135741001
Artist Gerald Marsland ANL-150227-135741001
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Lynn artist Gerald Marsland has had one of his paintings accepted for the South Holland Open Arts Exhibition.

This good news comes after disappointments last year when he had to cancel exhibitions arranged in Brugge, Moscow and London. Mr Marsland slipped two discs at the base of his spine and had a spinal compression of the nerve core just below my neck.

He is now having treatment and in a couple of weeks or so will start to receive the first of a series of spinal injections.

Mr Marsland said: “I have high hopes that by the end of all this I will be fine again. So much so that I am in the process of rearranging my foreign exhibitions for 2016.”

The South Holland Open Arts Exhibition is open to the public for a week from Thursday, March 5 at the South Holland Centre, Market Place, Spalding and admission is free.

Mr Marsland’s painting for the South Holland exhibition is shown below: