King’s Lynn-based Theresa’s Tiny Treasures helps parents grieve

Theresa McGrath of Theresa's Tiny Treasures ANL-160824-125138001
Theresa McGrath of Theresa's Tiny Treasures ANL-160824-125138001

A woman who is described by others as a “one-woman charity” has had a fundraising page set up by one of her clients.

Theresa McGrath, of Lynn, whose charity is known as Theresa’s Tiny Treasures, creates keepsakes for parents who have lost a baby.

Theresa's Tiny Treasures ANL-160824-121453001

Theresa's Tiny Treasures ANL-160824-121453001

Christine Fletcher, of Downham, is sadly one of those people. Herself and her husband Nigel lost their baby Jacob when he was born in May at 38 weeks but no heartbeat was found.

Mrs Fletcher said that Mrs McGrath, who is a retired midwife who worked at Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, went to visit them at the hospital to take photos of Jacob and take prints of his feet to turn into a glass plaque keepsake for the parents.

But Mrs McGrath, who runs and funds the charity mostly out of her own pocket, is hoping to gain charity status soon so that she will be able to continue helping families at the hospital.

So Mrs Fletcher has set up a fundraising page in order to help the “one-woman charity” get her charity status, and to go towards the costs of running her own kiln.

Mrs McGrath said: “In October 2015 I started Theresa’s Tiny Treasures, a charity that I had wished to start for 26 years. Medical retirement gave me the opportunity to start the charity and provide a free service to any families who have lost a longed-for baby at any stage of pregnancy or birth.

“I give the families beautiful things that will last for years. After working as a midwife for 26years I know the need for lasting keepsakes is there, the need to hold something and feel the texture of footprints, to hold a perfect cast of a baby’s hand somehow takes you back to the moment you held your precious baby in your arms.”

She added: “Christine and Nigel have been so supportive. Within days of losing Jacob they were on a mission to help me and I am so very grateful for their support.”

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