King’s Lynn beauty spot goes pink with wheelbarrow donation

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Volunteers who look after a Lynn beauty spot have been given a bright, but practical, helping hand in their efforts.

Members of the Hardings Pits Community Association have been given a bright pink wheelbarrow by Laura Basola, in memory of her parents.

She said: “I love to walk on the Pits, listening to the birds, watching the wildlife – just enjoying the environment and the lovely atmosphere there. It is a very special place.”

The barrow has already been put to use during one of the association’s regular work days at the site.

The association’s chairman, Jane Dearling, said: “We chose bright pink because we already had a bright pink pitchfork and the two complement one another perfectly.

“The colour started as a bit of a joke because so many of our volunteers are women. But in fact it’s very practical, the vivid shade makes it much less likely to get mislaid, which is all too easy because of the dense growth on the green.

“We are very grateful to Laura – and delighted that she enjoys the Pits so much. That is what the Green is all about.”

The association’s next work day is this Saturday, July 23, starting at 10am.

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