King’s Lynn bells threaten a ding-dong

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Eight bell ringers gathered in Lynn’s St Nicholas Chapel on Sunday for a full peal of Cambridge Surprise Major.

The peal was part of a three-hour exercise held in conjunction with St Nicholas Day.

St Nicholas Chapel, King's Lynn ANL-150722-162422009

St Nicholas Chapel, King's Lynn ANL-150722-162422009

But the project didn’t meet with everyone’s approval with some local residents claiming that the bells destroyed their Sunday afternoon peace.

One angry resident contacted the Lynn News to say: “I think it was disgusting for anyone who lives near the chapel.

“We don’t have an objection to the bells ringing for half-an-hour, but it was absolute bedlam for more than three hours.”

In response to the criticism, Adrian Parker, chairman of the Friends of St Nicholas’ Chapel, said: “I believe that those living in Pilot Street and nearby areas were actually told about the bells.

“A full peal is an exercise which is very rarely carried out and it is a feat of stamina.

“Having had the bells repaired recently, the ringers embarked on an exercise in change ringing.

“This particular project is so rare that these things get recorded both nationally and in the church itself.”

Although an alarm from a nearby flat was heard during the afternoon, Mr Parker played down concerns that the bells were responsible.

“The air vibration from the bells shouldn’t be enough to set off a house alarm, Mr Parker concluded.

A £42,000 project to restore the eight bells at the chapel was completed at the end of August. Theywere rung for the first time on October 17.