King’s Lynn brothers hit with court injunctions for anti-social behaviour

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Two brothers have been handed injunctions banning them from North Lynn in a bid to curb their anti-social behaviour.

The 12 month orders issued against Charlie and Harry Kennett also bar them from engaging in any threatening or intimidatory behaviour or carrying any bladed items.

The pair, formerly of Walpole Road, North Lynn, can be arrested and jailed for up to two years if they disobey the terms of the orders.

And details are being distributed around the area to encourage the public to report any breaches to the authorities.

Although the injunctions, which were obtained following a joint operation between police, council officials and Freebridge Housing staff, have been in place for several weeks, details of the case were only released today.

Officials say they were able to gather enough evidence against the duo to persuade a county court judge to grant the orders despite what they described as a “general unwillingness” of people to speak out against them.

The order against Charlie Kennett, 27, bars him from entering any part of an area within the boundaries of Gaywood Road, John Kennedy Road, Edward Benefer Way, South Wootton Lane and Wootton Road.

The order against Harry Kennett, 20, bars him from entering an area of North Lynn, except for going to work or to the Seabank post office to collect benefits for his mother.

Both of them are also barred from engaging in any threatening, intimidating or harassing behaviour or carrying a bladed item anywhere in England and Wales.

Brian Long, West Norfolk Council’s cabinet member for environment, said: “This has been a particularly nasty case where the actions of a few have had a major impact on the rest of the community.

“We hope that people will assist our efforts to tackle the issues in this area by reporting any sightings of these two individuals in the exclusion zone, or reporting them if they witness any behaviours listed on the injunctions.

“The number to call is the Norfolk Police 101 number unless there is an imminent risk to safety in which case the usual 999 number should be used.”

Mr Long added: “I hope it sends a strong message to others who may be creating havoc in their area, that we will not tolerate such behaviour.

“We will work with the community to tackle issues and work with our partners to make the area a better place to live by taking a strong stance against anti-social behaviour.”

The injunction against Charlie Kennett was granted at Lynn County Court on October 29.

The order against Harry Kennett was granted on November 19.