King’s Lynn clean-up campaigner hails housing group support

Latest Community Clean-up event on Loke Road King's Lynn. Pictured with volunteers in Front Francis Bone.with Jo Rust
Latest Community Clean-up event on Loke Road King's Lynn. Pictured with volunteers in Front Francis Bone.with Jo Rust

A North Lynn businessman and environmental campaigner has hailed the support of two West Norfolk groups during an ongoing clean-up project in the area.

Francis Bone, who owns the Gravy Boat on Loke Road, has praised both Genesis Housing Association and Purfleet Trust for becoming involved in the campaign.

Mr Bone said: “I have had an amazing response and have even had homeless people wanting to volunteer for the scheme. Sandra Ferreira, from Genesis, decided they wanted to help, as did the Purfleet Trust.

“I cannot believe that people who need our support are willing to come and help us. I am humbled that they are willing to put themselves out for the community.

“It is a fine example of community spirit by a group of people who are often looked down upon without finding out what caused their situation.

“It is sad to say people who have very little can show so much empathy, whilst others who are in a much better position choose to do nothing.

“Some residents are not willing to improve their community because they adhere to the instructions given by the council but they should follow the example of these amazingly kind-hearted people.”

Mr Bone believes there has been a vast improvement in the streets and alleyways since the clean-up campaign was launched two months ago.

“As a community we have had our voices heard and people are now aware that you cannot use our neighbourhood as a dumping ground,” said Mr Bone.

“I’m so pleased with how this has gone so far and we have had such an amazing response from the residents, council and other people who just want to get involved to make this neighbourhood better for the good of all of the community.”

Mr Bone is debating taking the clean-up campaign to other areas within the town.

“I am considering going to other communities that has similar problems to engage those communities to come together to improve their areas,” he said.

“I hope to have a meeting with Councillor Devereux to push the campaign forward.

“Even if it is in a different area we need to see that council and the community clean-up teams mean business and we will not tolerate fly tipping in a beautiful town and surrounding areas.”