King’s Lynn college students take lessons in volunteering

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Students from the College of West Anglia have been learning the importance of volunteering from officials of a community organisation.

The two-week initiative, led by Volunteering Matters, saw uniformed and public service students working with people with special educational needs, and receiving training in equality and diversity to help prepare them for work.

Marie Connell, of Volunteering Matters, pictured above front centre, said: “The benefits to the students and to the local community are numerous and include improving their CV, learning new skills and giving something back to their local community.

“Employers are twice as likely to take notice of a CV if an applicant has experience of volunteering. This is a point that we push hard to students.

“The jobs market is a tough one and anything they can do to make their CVs stand out from the crowd will go a long way to shaping their future.”