King’s Lynn County Court closure plan is ‘not fair’, says council leader

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Proposals to close Lynn’s county court are “unfair” on those who need to use the service, councillors have been told.

The claim came as members backed a motion calling for the King Street facility to be reprieved and officials to look at what alternative arrangements could be made during last night’s full council meeting.

Leader Nick Daubney, who proposed the motion, said he had been approached by a number of members of the legal profession who expressed their concerns about the proposal.

He said he was worried both that “respected” legal practices may move out of the town if the plan is approved, and also about the impact on vulnerable people.

He said: “If I live in Hunstanton, and I havent got a car and I’m due to be at Norwich at 10.30 in the morning, how am I going to achieve it? It’s not right and it’s not fair.

“I dont want to go to the government with ranting and raving, but we have a duty to study the issue and see what we can do. It would be a severe retrograde step if those facilities close.”

Labour’s Andy Tyler said his group endorsed Mr Daubney’s comments.

And independent Mike Tilbury warned the area was at risk of being seen as a “dormitory area for old people” if the authority did not act.

A public consultation on the plan to close the county court, and dozens of other courts across England and Wales, is due to close next Thursday, October 8.