King’s Lynn doctors put best foot forward

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Chandra Pasapula, Adam Devany and Arman Memarzadeh contributed to a team of six founding the neutral heel lateral push test – the first of its kind – diagnosing spring ligament injury.

The conducted study suggests the spring ligament is a significant structure in acquired flat foot deformity.

This is a progressive condition where there is either an absent or low arch, which can lead to significant pain and problems with walking.

Mr Devany said: “For this type of injury there was previously no described clinical test. What we have done is provide a new tool to help with diagnosis.”

The test has been published in the international journal The Foot, and is already being used to diagnose and help patients at the QEH.

Mr Pasapula said: “It is fantastic to finally get the stamp of approval after more than a year of hard work developing the test. I’m really proud of everyone’s efforts.”

Mr Memarzadeh said: “We haven’t had any feedback yet as it was only published two weeks ago, but we’re hoping to get a positive response.”

QEH medical director Beverley Watson said: “I am proud of Mr Pasapula and his team.

“This innovative development is the result of staff working together to improve patient care.”