King’s Lynn Festival presents A Nice Guy

KL Festival Fringe A Nice Guy ANL-150723-084707001
KL Festival Fringe A Nice Guy ANL-150723-084707001
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A Nice Guy – Hanse House

History came alive on Friday in the atmospheric setting of the courtyard of The Hanse House, King’s Lynn.

The sun shone on to the towers of The Minster and the historic walls of the House itself. The drama matched the backdrop which threw a large audience deep into the troubled minds of people of medieval England.

“A Nice Guy”, written by Gareth Calway, is an account of the martyrdom of William Sawtrey of Lynn, and in this production it was portrayed in the tradition of a Morality Play. How refreshing this was!

The debate over his doubts about how Christianity was being delivered to the people, over his apparent heresy and its inevitable consequence was acted out in a moving and at times amusing way by a cast of actors and musicians.

Broad gesture and characterisation, enhanced by a delicate harp ( Vanessa Wood Davies) and a lively guitar (Anto Morra), told the story well. The Bishop ( Bob Bones), Sawtrey’s enemy, provided lots of comedy.

The Anchoress (Julie Bones) contrasted tellingly with the red-tailed Devil (Baz Allan). High on a platform stood God (Taj Kandula) whose command of Latin and Medieval English was fluent and convincing, and she resolved the dilemma of the play most satisfactorily.

Gareth Calway was outstanding in his portrayal of Sawtrey, dominating the action throughout. He must be given great credit for bringing to life the story of this largely forgotten man.

Mr Calway performs his drama about Margery Kempe in The Minster this evening, Friday, July 24. Can’t wait.

J Davies