King’s Lynn hospital unveils new technology in the fight against infection

GV of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital , King's Lynn ENGANL00120140502173025
GV of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital , King's Lynn ENGANL00120140502173025
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Germ-busting innovation is advancing at Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital with the launch of more technology to fight infectious diseases.

The hospital has introduced two new anti-infection devices as part of its ongoing crackdown on diseases such as Norovirus.

Ultra violet pens and a second device, which measures the volume of organisms in an environment, come just weeks after the hospital started trialling new germ-zapping robots.

Doctor Ian Hosein, the hospital’s associate medical director for infection prevention and control, said: “The Trust is always seeking ways to do things better. The most recent devices can only further improve infection and prevention control, increasing patient safety, and ultimately improve patient experience.”

The UV pens are drawn on surfaces and equipment in clinical areas, leaving a mark only visible by UV light. If cleaning has been done properly, the mark will no longer be detectable.

The second device also shows if cleaning has been performed properly. When it has, the organisms recognised by the device will decrease.

Dr Hosein said the Xenex robots, which support hospital cleaners by using UV light to kill germs on contact, have been well received by staff since their trial began in March. The QEH is one of only two hospitals in the country to be trialling the equipment.