King’s Lynn Junior Football Club give back to community

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After running a junior football club for seven years, Carl Carter and Andy Stewart have now called it a day after having a lot of success over the years, which has made the team “the most successful youth club for miles”.

But now their journey has come to an end they want to give something back to the community after all of the support they have been given throughout the years.

So they decided to raise money to buy toys for the children’s ward at Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Mr Carter said: “We wanted the remaining funds, £340, to go to help other youngsters in the area and Rudham ward is a really good cause”.

The team brought more than £300 worth of toys for the children on the ward. Kelly Hodgson, the play specialist, thanked the football club for their donation and said: “Donations such as this makes all the difference to our patients, and we would not be able to offer the opportunities that we do without support from clubs like King’s Lynn junior football club”. Pictured from left are, Austin Locke, Jade Clements, Amber Kernan, Sharon Spencer and baby Hilton, Brodie Pearman, Kelly Hodgson, and sister Mandy McMurray ,with the toys which were donated by the junior football club.