King’s Lynn learner driver makes an ‘L’ of an error

GV picture of the DVSA Test Centre King's Lynn'Practical Test Centre, Rollesby Road, Hardwick Industrial Estate,
GV picture of the DVSA Test Centre King's Lynn'Practical Test Centre, Rollesby Road, Hardwick Industrial Estate,

A learner driver from West Norfolk who likes to live life in the fast lane did just that by failing his first test after a handful of seconds.

Craig Barraza, from Lynn, has laid claim to the quickest failure in history by driving out of the test centre at Rollesby Road on the wrong side of the road.

During his blunder last Thursday, the stunned examiner asked Mr Barraza: “You do realise you’re on the wrong side of the road?”

And what may choke this motorist even more, he’d have passed based on the last 40 minutes of driving as he only picked up two minor faults.

The wind farm worker, originally from Portlethen in Aberdeenshire, revealed that he suffered a complete ‘blank’ on his way to a swift failure.

Mr Barraza said: “I was only just leaving and it literally happened just five seconds into my test.

“I was approaching the junction to exit it and I had an absolute mind blank, questioning in my head: ‘What side of the road do we drive on’?

“I had a 50/50 chance, and I chose to exit it in the right lane. I hadn’t even left the test centre car park so it was an instant fail.

“My examiner with 20-years’ experience, and my instructor with 30 years, both said they have never known anything like it in their careers.

“At the time I didn’t realise the severity of my error. I still thought I could pass until I got back to the test centre.”

It proved a costly mistake from the 33-year-old who had spent in the region of £1,000 on 40 driving lessons.

Despite the pre-test jitters getting the better of him, Mr Barraza remains determined to make amends next time around.

“I’ve got another test on Thursday week but I’m going to be a lot more nervous,” admitted Mr Barraza.

“After what happened last week there’s going to be a lot more pressure on me.

“I’ve taken a lot of stick, especially on Facebook, but I’m not really bothered. As long as I didn’t end up hurting someone that’s all that matters.”

Mr Barraza, who had only recently returned behind the wheel, said: “I’ve avoided driving for about 15 years because when I was 17 I stalled at a roundabout, which completely put me off.

“I was quite confident coming into the test as I had been driving perfectly fine with my instructor for a couple of months.

“When you get older you get a bit wiser. I wasn’t really fazed about having my test, but then I go and do something like this.”