King’s Lynn man calls for care system reform ahead of television documentary

Lynn teenager Connor Davey is appearing on the Kicked out Kids documentary.
Lynn teenager Connor Davey is appearing on the Kicked out Kids documentary.
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A teenager who spent 13 years in care is calling for a change in the law during a documentary.

Connor Davey, 18, of Lynn, is calling on the Government to give children in residential homes the chance to say on until they are 21.

Currently youngsters have to leave residential homes at the age of 18 while those in foster care are allowed to remain until 21 following a £40 million investment from the Government in 2013.

Connor is one of three teenagers featuring in the Kicked out Kids series, which starts on Channel 4 tonight at 11pm. The film also follows his bid to find his biological mother.

Connor said: “The age change is something I feel passionate about and it came in before I left, which really annoyed me as I wanted to stay longer to get ready.

“People in residential units need more time and work. I don’t see why foster care age range has gone up and residential care hasn’t.

“I am hoping the documentary is going to make a difference as that is why I wanted to do it.”

Connor was taken into care when he was five years old after his mother could not cope.

He was in foster care with his older brother Josh but the brothers were separated when Connor was nine.

He said: “It felt like I was losing more people.”

Because Connor was having difficulties, he was transferred into a residential home and lived in the Break home at Lynn.

Connor says the care was good and he learned about respect and manners.

He said: “I don’t have any life skills (such as cooking) as there’s no independence as it’s a children’s home.

“They try to make it as not clinical as possible but they are not parents.

“The staff are really good.”

Connor remained at the home until September last year and is now living in supported lodgings. He is hoping to go to college.

He said: “When the day came I was really down as it’s leaving home. I had bonded really well with the carers.”

The documentary team followed Connor as he adjusts to life after leaving care and the support he receives.

Connor said of his experiences: “It makes you a stronger person but I wouldn’t let that happen to my children.”