King’s Lynn man escapes jail for paramedic sex assault

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A man who molested a student paramedic as she tried to treat him has escaped jail.

Arturas Gilys, 27, of Bagge Road, Gaywood, was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison, suspended for two years, during a court hearing in Lynn today.

He had pleaded guilty to a single charge of sexual assault at a previous hearing last month. Magistrates ordered him to complete 45 days of rehabilitation activity with probation officers and pay £200 in compensation to his victim.

He was also told he would have to notify police of his address and whereabouts for a period of seven years.

Sally Rose, prosecuting, told the court two student paramedics had been called to an alleyway near a school in Lynn on August 14 after concerns were raised for Gilys, who appeared to be very drunk.

The paramedics, a man and a woman, moved him into the ambulance in order to carry out further assessments, the bench heard.

Mrs Rose said that, as the woman examined Gilys, he grabbed her breast and squeezed it. She stepped away, told him his behaviour was not acceptable and continued her work.

However, her colleague then put his hand on Gilys’ chest when he attempted to assault her again.

While taking him to hospital, the male paramedic stayed in the back of the ambulance with Gilys, while the woman travelled in the front, in order to prevent any further assaults.

Mrs Rose read extracts of a personal statement from the victim, who said the incident had lasted for around 10 minutes and was “completely uncalled for.”

She said: “The incident made me feel very uneasy and surprised me.

“I’m a wary person but this has made me uneasy. No-one has any right to do that to me.”

When interviewed by police, Gilys said he had very little recollection of the incident, both because of the alcohol he had consumed and because of the effects of a previous road collision which he said had left him with a poor memory, but accepted what he had done.

Gilys, who spoke through an interpreter, said he was not represented by a solicitor because he could not afford to pay for one,

He confirmed he understood the probation officer’s recommendation of a suspended sentence, adding: “I would like only to apologise please.”

At the previous hearing, magistrates were told Gilys was “mortified” about what he had done and had not drunk any alcohol at all since the incident happened.

The bench also heard it was “unlikely” he would commit similar offences in the future.