King’s Lynn marketplace work nears completion

Saturday Market Place King's Lynn ANL-150802-105116009
Saturday Market Place King's Lynn ANL-150802-105116009
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Work to redevelop Lynn’s Saturday Market Place is gradually edging towards completion.

Slabs showing the outline of the remains of the old medieval chapel that lies beneath have been delivered and are now being laid at St Margaret’s Place.

That job is due to be finished this week and once that work is completed a number of small jobs, such as the placing of cycle racks, will need to be done before the project is finalised.

Contractors are also awaiting delivery of uplighters for outside the Town Hall

Work on the project began in August and was due to be completed before the end of November, but it has taken longer to complete as well as going over budget.

Norfolk County Council resident engineer Quentin Brogdale hopes work will be finalised soon but he refused to speculate on an exact completion date or say how much the project has gone over it’s initial £500,000 budget.

He said: “The slabs to outline the remains of the medieval chapel that lies beneath are specialist slabs that you can’t buy off the shelf.

“It was important to make sure we got the design right so it wasn’t a five-minute job.

“There were several discussions on that, even before we ordered the slabs, and then we had to wait for them to be delivered. That is why the project has taken longer to complete than we originally envisaged.

“We have gone over budget but I am not sure of the exact figure and I am not going to speculate.”

The project includes a one-way traffic flow system being introduced in Saturday Market Place .

There has been a market on Saturday Market Place since around 1100.

It is around 300 years older than Lynn’s Tuesday Market Place and is surrounded by a wealth of listed buildings.

The aim of the project is to improve the area by creating a safer and more attractive environment. Some of the key elements proposed include:

n A one-way system allowing wider pavements for pedestrians.

n Easier access within the market place and to the Town Hall.

n Outside eating areas.

n Improved pedestrian links between High Street and St Margaret’s Church.

n Better use of space in front of St Margaret’s Church.

n Improved layout for car, motorcycle and cycle parking.

n Highlighting of certain historic elements, such as the footprint of the pre-1741 church.