King’s Lynn mother gives son second gift of life with new kidney

Dale Fisher who has had a kidney transplant from his mum Lynne Fisher,
Dale Fisher who has had a kidney transplant from his mum Lynne Fisher,

A Lynn woman has given her son the gift of life twice over – after donating a kidney.

Lynne Fisher became an organ donor for her son Dale after doctors told him he had just 18 months left to live due to chronic kidney disease.

The pair underwent the operation three weeks ago, and are now recovering well.

Dale, 29, of Queen Elizabeth Avenue, Lynn, was working as a builder when a chance health check at work in 2015 changed his life forever.

The test revealed high blood pressure, a symptom of kidney disease, and within days the father-of-one was diagnosed with the condition.

Further tests revealed Mr Fisher’s kidneys to be working at just 15 per cent – compared to 90 per cent for someone of his age with healthy kidneys.

He said: “I had no clue anything was wrong with me as I didn’t have any symptoms. But if I hadn’t have had the health check, I might not even be here now.”

After he was diagnosed, Mr Fisher started taking medication to stop his high blood pressure causing further damage to his kidneys.

He also had to undergo further tests before a suitable donor could be found.

Lynne, 53, of Loke Road, Lynn, said as soon as it was possible both she and Dale’s dad Billy began tests to see if they were a donor match.

Both were suitable, but doctors chose Lynne as her kidney function was stronger.

“I didn’t even question being a donor, I’m his mum,” she said. “I’d do it again if I had to.”

She said it was a big shock when Dale was diagnosed as he had always been active, didn’t have any symptoms.

“The doctors at the hospital were shocked too as his kidneys were that bad they said he could have dropped down dead at any minute.”

At their worst, Dale’s kidneys were working at just 11 per cent.

“We knew they couldn’t repair themselves and would only get worse so it was a race against time,” said Lynne.

The operation was carried out at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, with Lynne able to have her left kidney removed in a keyhole operation without complications.

A week after the operation, Dale’s body began to show signs of rejecting his new kidney. But after a course of steroids he began to recover and was allowed to come home after a further five days.

“I can’t even begin to thank mum for what she did for me,” said Dale, who will return to work as a builder in May.

“If she hadn’t done this who knows how much longer I would have had.”