King’s Lynn MP urges joint approach against militants after Paris atrocities

Election Count at Lynnsport King's Lynn'Henry Bellingham ANL-150805-111717009
Election Count at Lynnsport King's Lynn'Henry Bellingham ANL-150805-111717009
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North West Norfolk MP Henry Bellingham has called for a united approach to the threat posed by so-called Islamic State militants following Friday’s atrocities in Paris, in which 129 people were killed.

Mr Bellingham today described the killings as “a catalogue of untold brutality and evil” and offered his sympathies to the victims and their families.

But he said three issues must now be the focus of both domestic and international efforts to end the crisis.

He believes a joint approach is needed between NATO, Middle Eastern powers and Russia to defeat the militants on the ground.

He said: “We must all put aside our differing views of how best to deal with President Assad of Syria and work together to defeat the common enemy.”

He added: “Given there were obviously serious intelligence failings, both within France and within our key European allies, a long hard look needs to be taken at how these agencies can work more closely together.

“What happened in France over the weekend, and over the Charlie Hebdo killings earlier in the year, really should bring home to us that this type of appalling atrocity could take place in any of the European capitals.

“We must redouble our efforts to prevent young British Muslims from being radicalised and corrupted. This must mean a more imaginative approach by all of the relevant agencies and the Muslim community here in Britain.”