King’s Lynn museum £30,000 short of appeal target

Dr Paul Richards at Trues Yard museum
Dr Paul Richards at Trues Yard museum

The True’s Yard Fisherfolk Museum has raised £95,000 towards its Silver Jubilee Appeal – but that leaves £30,000 still to be found.

The £130,000 target is for urgent structural repairs, which will secure the future of the building in North Street, Lynn.

Dr Paul Richards, chairman of the True’s Yard Trust, said the appeal is to maintain the building for future generations and to consolidate the work of the last 25 years.

“Urgent repair and conservation work is requuired on museum buildings and the 1004 fishing smack Activity, which id dry-docked in our yard.

“To develop key educational projects for schools and colleges is another priority. We also want to build up the museum as a learning and research centre for the town and community.”

As part of the appeal, a special evening is being held next month to raise funds.

North End Evening: Herrings Are The Silver Darlings, will be held on Thursday, April 27, at 6.30pm.

It is a short film and tour with drinks and canapes hosted by the Silver Jubilee appeal business committee

True’s yard opened in 1991 and is both a heritage site and community museum, recording and telling the sotry of the people of Lynn’s old North End.

It is the last surviviing fisherfolk yard with its cottages and smokehouse