King’s Lynn OAP’s scam warning

Computer scam alert ANL-150918-165405001
Computer scam alert ANL-150918-165405001

A pensioner is warning people not to fall for a lottery scam after being told he had scooped £725,000 – in a competition he didn’t even enter.

Ninety-year-old Bernard Collett, from Lynn, received a letter claiming to be from the Euromillions Fifa World Cup Super Lottery last week.

It said he had won the pay-out in a lottery programme drawn on April 1 this year – April Fool’s Day.

The letter also said the lottery was “designed to promote this year’s Fifa World Cup in Brazil” – when the football tournament was actually held there in 2014.

The letter explained that Mr Collett had won the in the third category of the competition, and been chosen from more than three million people worldwide in a computer ballot.

But it also warned him not to tell anyone about the cash bonanza to prevent “fraudulent acts from criminal-minded” people and “unwarranted abuse of the programme”.

Luckily Mr Collett, of Princes Way, was immediately suspicious and realised it was a scam.

He hadn’t even entered the competition.

“The letter is quite convincing and there’s a lot of vulnerable people out there who could be scammed by it,” he said. “People could lose a lot of money trying to get hold of their ‘prize’.

“There was a woman I saw on a crime programme on TV who got caught out by something similar and she was conned out of £100,000.”

Mr Collett’s letter gave a PO box address in Zurich, Switzerland, and said he had to claim his prize by May 31 or it would be returned to the UK Board of Internal Revenue.