King’s Lynn photographer’s year-long challenge

Erna Gotyar ANL-170901-102333001
Erna Gotyar ANL-170901-102333001
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A 33-year-old artist from Hungary, living in Lynnm has undertaken a fascinating solo photographic project of self-portraits.

Erna Gotyár, 33, is taking a picture of herself every week in a different situation.

Erna Gotyar ANL-170901-102320001

Erna Gotyar ANL-170901-102320001

She said: “I always loved taking photos but the real interest in portrait photography started back in 2012 when I was on the other side of the camera.

“I was drawn to work with photographers who had the same passion towards photography and wanted to create art.

“I was interested in a creative process and thoroughly enjoyed the process, from start to finish. finding beautiful locations, and working hard to get the right shot even on the coldest day in February or being scared to death in the middle of the forest or stung by nettles. These are all part of it.

“People often look at a photograph but don’t really think what went through to achieve it.

Erna Gotyar ANL-170901-102356001

Erna Gotyar ANL-170901-102356001

“Each shoot is a mini adventure of it’s own. I wanted to do more of it.

“So three years ago I decided to buy a cheap secondhand dslr camera and started experimenting and learning how to actually operate the camera in manual mode.

“I spent all my spare time doing this getting home after work.

“Then I stumbled across a term ‘self portrait photographer’ then it opened up a whole new world.

Erna Gotyar ANL-170901-102253001

Erna Gotyar ANL-170901-102253001

“I knew this will be the perfect way to practise my own art, where everything was depending on me and could do whatever I want and wherever I want. I started learning about photo processing, the internet is a brilliant tool for learning so there are plenty of tutorials.

“I then decided to do a 52 weeks project where I challenged myself to do a photo each week.

That’s where the real fun began as I started learning more with experimenting , also learned quite a lot about myself. It is not easy, but very rewarding.

“With self portraits you don’t have the advantage of looking through the lens and carefully composing your image, so it can be real tricky to get it right.

“Especially when you leave your remote you need to shoot with the self timer mode.

“I love using nature and the beautiful scenery as a backdrop so most of the time I make sure to head out and create outdoors – Norfolk is so beautiful and versatile with seaside, dunes, heathland, forests, woodland ... and the colours are always so beautiful.

“A few examples of the locations I used are: Hunstanton, Old Hunstanton, Roydon Common, Dersingham Bog, along the Riverside in King’s Lynn, Sandringham, Bawsey, Narborough, just to name a few.

“I do get a bit conscious about people walking by so I tend to find quieter spots... but I sort of get used to it by now... however I do get a few looks when I am running around in a dress with balloons for example

“The ideas behind each photo are life experiences, feelings, emotions.

“I like to express myself through photography. however sometimes I just liked the look of the landscape so I want to capture that, and there are times when I get inspired by something I read or seen. I tend to feature flowers, so can’t wait for spring!

“I really would like to continue as there are so much more to learn still.

This year I would like to create more using props so anyone who would like to get involved in one way or another, please contact me!”