King’s Lynn property owners given legal warning over dumped rubbish

Some of the rubbish being left by residents and not collected in North End, Lynn.
Some of the rubbish being left by residents and not collected in North End, Lynn.
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Property owners may be held responsible for rubbish dumped in alleyways in parts of North Lynn, council leaders have warned.

The move to clamp down on the problem in the North End area has been welcomed by local traders, though they say more still needs to be done to get the message across to some residents.

Concerns have grown over piles of rubbish sacks in alleyways which critics say were left there for several weeks.

Although the areas were cleared last Thursday, critics say the sacks began to build up again later that day.

But, answering questions on the issue at the evening’s West Norfolk Council meeting, environment portfolio holder Brian Long insisted the authority had not “shied away” from the issue.

He said: “We’ve continued to take enforcement action where necessary and send in the clean-up team to places where it becomes a problem.”

“It definitely is again becoming a problem.

“It seems like there’s perhaps different residents and the problem starts again.

“That’s not satisfactory and there will be measures taken, including a legal order placing responsibility on anyone who owns a property in that locality.”

That message was welcomed by Francis Bone, who runs the Gravy Boat on Loke Road and has led the calls for renewed action to tackle the problem.

He said this week: “If one or two are made an example of, that would really help to reduce it. It would be a good step.”

But he believes it also needs to be made clearer to residents what they should and shouldn’t do with their refuse.

Although there are signs in the area, they are only written in English and Mr Bone says the message should be translated into other languages in order to make it clear to all residents what is expected of them.

He said: “It looks like they’re telling them not to put rubbish where they actually should put it.”

Meanwhile, Sandra Buck, one of the area’s ward councillors, welcomed the action that had been taken so far, but questioned whether more could still be done.

She asked: “Is there provision for a rat catcher for North Lynn?”

But Mr Long said the administration would not reverse its previous decision to end council-funded provision.