King’s Lynn Rotarians boost medical dog training

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Members of the Rotary Club of King’s Lynn have given their backing to a charity which trains dogs to support people living with a range of health conditions.

The club received a presentation about Medical Detection Dogs during their latest meeting at the Stuart” House Hotel.

The charity trains bio-detection dogs to detect the odour of diseases such as cancer in breath and swabs.

It also provides medical assistance dogs to live with people with a range of medical conditions.

The presentation was delivered by Norma Howell, a charity supporter and member of the Diss Rotary Club, with her husband Rodney.

Lynn club president Keith Boyce presented a donation to the couple, which was boosted by a collection from other club members and supporters.

Holding up to 10,000 more receptors than humans, a canine nose is able to distinguish the minutest of scent differences.

This gives them the ability to smell cancer and other fatal diseases in humans, oftentimes before a human doctor can make a positive diagnosis. They can even tell if a diabetic person is about to have a hyperglycaemia attack.

Since the ability was recognised, the training of dogs to recognise and react to scents associated with human medical conditions has become highly developed.

However, Medical Detection Dogs, which is based in Milton Keynes, currently receives no funding from the NHS for its work.