King’s Lynn’s Mars factory helps to save the Earth

The Mars factory in King's Lynn. ANL-150115-120316009
The Mars factory in King's Lynn. ANL-150115-120316009
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Mars food factory in Hansa Road, Lynn, has become 100 per cent powered by renewable energy, the company announced this week.

The global giant is making all its UK operation carbon neutral following a partnership with Eneco’s May Wind Farm, which is located just south of Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland.

Mars in Lynn produces Uncle Ben’s and Dolmio sauces and employs 195 people.

The Moy Wind Farm will power Lynn and 11 other Mars UK sites in a deal which will last for the next 10 years.

The farm has a capacity of 60 megawatts and an annual output of of more than 125,000 megawatt hours. The power generated is equal to that used by 34,000 average UK households or to make 2.2 billion pouches of Uncle Ben’s Ready to Heat rice each year. Michal Riha, plant manager at Mars Food King’s Lynn, said: “We are proud of the commitment associates at Lynn have shown when tackling its ‘zero waste to landfill’ goal which led to them achieving their target two years ahead of schedule and we look forward to continuing to find new ways of working in a more sustainable way in the future.”