King’s Lynn’s QEH reaps benefits of bottled water

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Queen Elizabeth Hospital is reporting several benefits since the introduction of bottled water on wards.

Bottled water was distributed to every ward affected by Norovirus in December, but is now provided on every ward.

Mandy Rye, a respiratory nurse specialist and interim matron at QEH, said: “Patients have commented that the water seems fresher from the bottle than in a jug as it is self-contained.”

Staff have noticed patients now consume more water, feeling and staying better hydrated and at times even aiding the speed of recovery.

Time is also saved from collecting jugs and glasses to be taken to the ward kitchens for cleaning, refilling and redistributing, which could take up to an hour on larger wards.

Nurses say it is easier to monitor how much patients are drinking and aids them in supporting patients on fluid restriction by distributing the correctly-sized bottle for their needs.

Ian Hosein, interim associate medical director for infection prevention and control, said: “Patients like having their own bottle. It’s more personal and improves the patient’s experience.

“This initiative plays a key role in improving safety and decreasing the chance of Norovirus spreading on wards.”