King’s Lynn school celebrates A-levels

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Emotions were running high at Lynn’s Springwood High School as teenagers finally picked up their A-Level results.

Months of waiting came to end for sixth form pupils when they returned to Queensway school to open those important envelopes.

Helena Smallwood picks up her fantastic results from Springwood High School

Helena Smallwood picks up her fantastic results from Springwood High School

Headteacher Andy Johnson is over the moon as the school has enjoyed its best year ever.

Up to 80 per cent of grades achieved were A* to C with 48 per cent being A* to B.

A total of 19 per cent were A* and A while 99 per cent of grades were A* to E. There were also 27 Norfolk Scholars.

Mr Johnson said: “We make some very big promises to young people when they come into the sixth form. The staff and pupils have put in a huge amount of work.

Springwood High School pupil George Sabourin shows off his results

Springwood High School pupil George Sabourin shows off his results

“This year is a pinnacle year and we have fulfilled our promises and the children are going where they need to go.

“It has been the best year ever with half of the pupils getting A* to B grades.

“Children and staff working together has really delivered this year.”

Chairman of trustees Roger Livesey said “Springwood High School has worked hard to create an outstanding sixth form. These results show the sixth form to be a beacon of excellence in Norfolk and nationally. Well done to students and staff!”

An opportunity of a lifetime awaits Sam Sanders after winning a place at Oxford University.

He has achieved three A*s in maths, further maths and economics along with an A in physics.

Sam, 18, of Marsh Lane, will be reading philosophy, politics and economics.

He said: “I have always wanted to go to Oxford and I’m really happy.

“My family couldn’t be happier.

“I would advise others to have high ambitions, work hard and believe in yourself.

“I thought I would get four As so this has exceeded my expectations.”

George Sabourin, 18, nervously opened his envelope but was ecstatic to have received two A*s and an A.

The Gaywood youngster has achieved A*s in sociology and business studies with the A in computing.

He has a place at the University of Birmingham where he will study computer science.

Goerge said; “I opened the envelope slowly as it was overwhelming.

“It is a relief, I have put so much effort in over the last two years and I’m proud that it has paid off.

“You have to put in a lot of effort and dedication.”

Alex Kendal, 18, of South Wootton, achieved A*s in maths and drama with an A in chemistry.

He will be studying maths and drama at the University of Aberystwyth University. He hopes to become a teacher.

Alex said; “I feel elated and I could be happier as I’m the only person at Springwood to get an A* in drama.”

Joshua Coase will be joining the University of Bournemouth to study journalism after scooping an A in English literature and language along with two Bs in media and history.

The 18-year-old from Lynn said: “I am really happy as I’ve got into my first choice university.

“I was more concerned with getting into university than the results on paper.

“This means I can get on with my career.”

Jasmine Mercer, 18, from The Walks, said it was amazing to learn she had two As in English literature and psychology along with a B in history.

She will be studying English and history at the University of Leicester.

Jasmine said: “I was up first thing checking the website but it was amazing to open the envelope.

“I want to become an English teacher. I was inspired by my teachers and it would be nice to give something back.”

Helena Smallwood is thrilled with her As in biology and psychology along with a C in chemistry.

She will now be heading off to the Royal Veterinary College to begin training as a nurse.

Helena, 18, of Reffley, said: “I am really happy and not expected to do as well as I have.

“Our chemistry exam was really hard this year and I was quite nervous about it. I am really happy with that.”

Harry O’Connor will study business management at Aston University after achieving two A*s and an A.

Thomas Eastwood has an A* and two As. He is heading to the University of Nottingham to read law.

Mary Groves will be studying Forensic Science at the University of Derby after achieving an A* and two As.

George Hodgson achieved an A* and two As. He will be joining the University of Bath in the autumn to study biochemistry.

Imogen Insley will be studying veterinary science at the University of Bristol after achieving three As.

The school’s Norfolk Scholars are: Josh Barnes, George Hodgson, Emily Pilbeam, Alice Skinner, Layla Calaby, Molly Holmes, Hannah Rand, Helena Smallwood, Joshua Coase, Imogen Insley, Jessica Reed, Matthew Tuttle, Ben Cooper, Alex Kendal, Ace Rust, Amy Rose Williams, Thomas Eastwood, Jasmine Mercer, George Sabourin, George Williams, Victoria Funnell, Ellie Neill, Sam Sanders, James Williams, Mary Groves, Harry O’Conner and Hope Setchell