King’s Lynn school issues bike theft warning

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Officials at a secondary school in Lynn have warned people not to leave their bicycles at the premises after a spate of thefts in the area.

A statement was published on Springwood High School’s website on Tuesday urging students and staff to be more vigilant as they said that even secure bicycles have been reported as stolen recently.

It said: “Beware – Bicycle thefts in this area! Be smart and lock your bike.

“Please ensure that bicycles are not left at school overnight, even if they are locked.

“Thieves are currently targeting the local schools, and despite the grounds being secured, bicycles are still going missing during the night.

“If you have a lock for your bike, please use it. Police are aware of the situation.”

A police spokesman confirmed the force were looking into the thefts.

He said: “We are investigating a spate of cycle thefts from local schools.

“Police have also advised schools to encourage their pupils to secure their cycles with a good quality lock, to use the provided cycle stores and to take a photo of their cycles so it can be identified should it be stolen.

“We have increased patrols around the schools.”