King’s Lynn visitors go to Emmericah-am Rhein

Emmerich-am twinning trip by people in King's Lynn
Emmerich-am twinning trip by people in King's Lynn

Members of the King’s Lynn/ Emmerich Twinning Club, bringing with them brilliant sunshine, recently visited Emnmerich am Rhein and took the opportunity to meet friends old and new.

The club, which celebrates it’s 40th anniversary next year, enables those interested to forge friendships with Germans and make exchanges between the two towns.

Social events were held, and at a reception (which included the opportunity to view a prestigious Salvador Dali exhibition), the mayor of Emmerich warmly welcomed the English guests and the English chairwoman, Penny Dossetor and German chairwoman Brita Weber also gave briefspeeches of welcome.

Visits were made to two popular local restaurants and a tour was arranged of Emmerich’s container terminal.

Viewing Emmerich’s Rhein Promenade was a must for the members and at one point a truck parade of sorts was seen there in aid of a Children’s Charity (rather a noisy event).

Emmerich is very near the Dutch border so going between the two countries is easy and heritage sights are easily accessible both ways.

Emmerich, like Lynn,, is a Hanseatic Town and next year, guests from Emmerich will be able to enjoy Lynn’s Hanseatic Celebrations mid-May.

It is hoped stronger links can be made between English and German Schools, so a small party enjoyed a tour of Emmerich’s Städtische Gesamtschule (town combined school), meeting with staff and students, and they hope to encourage the link that already exists between that school and King Edward VII Academy in Lynn.