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King's Lynn hospital says sorry after baby Louie is left badly disabled

Officials at Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital have apologised to the parents of a baby born with brain damage after the birth went disastrously wrong.

The father, Callum Muncaster, 27, of South Wootton, is now raising money after claiming the QEH left his baby son Louie severely disabled due to malpractice.

The hospital, which was rated inadequate in its most recent CQC report last month, has said an investigation into the case is ongoing.

Baby Louie (14617019)
Baby Louie (14617019)

Officials apologised to the family for the distress caused and vowed to offer them emotional support.

Callum’s partner Lucy Smith, 40, went into labour with twins on June 12.

He said: “We were prepared to take home two healthy children and only came home with one.

Twin babies Miley and Louie (14617022)
Twin babies Miley and Louie (14617022)

“The QEH refused to do a caesarean section several times due to supposed staffing issues and our son was born breech.

“This led to him being without oxygen for 15 minutes. He was in such a bad way that doctors told us to prepare for his death. But he’s still here.”

The family needs to raise £75,000 to pay for specialist equipment to enable Louie’s day-to-day living.

Callum told the Lynn News: “Following a routine induction into labour for our twins, Miley and Louie, there were quite a few complications.

“Both of them were stuck and didn’t want to make an appearance. Following three failed epidurals, we were rushed into theatre for forceps delivery.

“Miley made an appearance within a minute, however, Louie, who was breech, wasn’t quite so fortunate.

“Despite efforts to naturally deliver him there was some mistakes that left Louie in distress.

“This led to him having his umbilical cord compressed and left him with no oxygen for 15 minutes and he was born in cardiac arrest and had to be resuscitated.

“It was quite obvious Louie was in such a poor state that he needed to be rushed to Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, where he received cooling therapy, which means that because we had received such a brain trauma the doctor’s cooled him to a temperature to minimise the damage to his brain and to preserve what was left.

“After a gruelling 72 hours, Louie was then warmed back up to normal body temperature.

“Sadly, the damage was already done. Louie has sustained a significant amount of brain damage that we were told that his chances of survival looked quite bleak.

Baby Louie (14617024)
Baby Louie (14617024)

“After a consultation with the nurses and doctors we agreed that we should take Louie off the ventilator and allow nature to take its course if that was to be the case.

“The doctors advised us that his chances of survival was very minimal.

“Once the ventilator was removed, we all came to the decision that QEH is where he should be returned so that he was closer to home and easier accessible for us if anything was to happen.

“Six weeks have now passed and Louie is still with us – he has defied all odds and carried on breathing on his own.

“However, because of his labour and condition has been left in quite a poor way, the brain damage he sustained means that his prognosis is four-limbed cerebal palsy, loss of gag and swallow, meaning that he will need constant suction to avoid drowning in his own saliva, potential loss of sight, potential diagnosis of epilepsy, he was having some quite substantial seizures, but thankfully medication has that under control.

“Sadly this means Louie is likely to have quite a poor quality of life and will rely heavily upon assistance.”

Chief nurse Libby McManus said: “We are sorry for the distress caused to this family while they were under our care, and we will offer any emotional support they need during this difficult time.

“This tragic case is the subject of an external Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch, which will involve the parents and looks to address all of the points they have raised.

“The chief executive has already written to the parents to apologise unreservedly for the obvious distress they are suffering.

“We hope that the investigation will adequately address all concerns raised in their complaint.”

To donate, visit www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/louies-life.

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