KL.FM Off-Air, by Ashleigh Tuttle, January 17, 2017

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You’d think the weather would be getting warmer by now! With the warnings of snow and flooding, it seems West Norfolk is taking a bit of a battering! However it has left the office singing little renditions of ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’

It’s fairly busy in KLFM towers at the moment, with Sports Awards just around the corner, and a few little surprises that you’ll soon be able to experience too!

One of these surprises is one of my favourite segments we run over February called Pet Rescue. This is where KLFM features every little fluff baby looking for a home. Some of these animals have been in kennels for months or even years, and we’re giving you the chance to give them a home.

I’m actually not allowed to go to the rescues because everyone here knows I’ll end up taking something or other home! I’ve heard rumours of dogs, ferrets, horses and even goats needing homes, so they won’t be able to keep me away for that long!

I’m a huge animal fan. Currently at my house we have Pebbles and Puddles, the lion-haired rabbits who rule the roost. I can tell you now they would not enjoy the snow at all. Their silver fur would leave them looking like Thumper (I’m starting to sense a running Disney theme here… Frozen, Bambi…) and I don’t imagine they’d fair well on the ice.

I also have my little Mowgli, our tortie kitten who has a massive attitude. She has met the rabbits but got a bit frightened when she realised they were twice the size of her! The lion soon turned into a mouse!

And finally at my mum and dad’s house I have my beloved cat Mitsey, who has just reached the milestone of 16-years-old. She’s a cutie pie, no matter how often she meows just to say hi!

I think in total I’ve had three cats, five rabbits, three hamsters, four rats, six gerbils, two guinea pigs, three fish (which my two jumped out of their bowl!), snails (ugh) and stick insects (double ugh). So it’s always been quite a zoo in our house, although no dogs yet, hint hint!

That’s the beauty of Pet Rescue though, if gives animals the chance who may have been hiding the shadows to really shine, and to be given a loving and caring home. Some of these animals have not had it very easy, and to be able to give them a home where they’re wanted is just amazing.

I think me and Ross G will be wrestling to get to the front door…