KL.FM Off Air, by Ashleigh Tuttle, January 5, 2016

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So, I’m going to be in a pantomime! Oh yes I am! I’ve always enjoyed acting, but this is definitely the biggest role I’ve ever been given.

The plot is (very) loosely based on the tale of Sleeping Beauty, where everyone is almost sent to sleep for 100 years, but they’re all saved by the amazing Fanny Haddock!

I’ve been cast as the ‘beautiful’ Princess Sophia, who is made by her mother to go on Take Me Out, to meet her true love, Prince Maximus. But the evil witch Elektra has bigger plans. Driven by her jealousy she forces her poor slave Pandora to help her with her evil plot!

The loveable rogues the Grimm brothers try their hardest to help, but often end up causing more harm than good.

When I first auditioned, I didn’t expect to get a main part at all. I excitedly went in hoping they would just let me be part of the panto. When told part of the audition was to sing, I had to ask the director Tom Tree to let me have a minute, as I was so nervous!

I remember waiting in anticipation for the e-mail to tell me whether I’d made it, whether I’d managed to earn myself a part. When I found out who I was going to be, the biggest smile crossed my face.

Now we’re just over half way through auditions, with everyone being required to be off script. It’s great to have such a fantastic team who can ad-lib so many hilarious additions, although if we included all of them the show would go on all night long!

It’s all starting to become very real now, and although I’m very nervous I’m really excited to show everyone what we’ve been working on. We’re having our first rehearsal at the Downham Market Town Hall this week, and I’m sure that’s going to bring it home how big a deal this is. I’ve even asked Fanny (the Dame) to especially pick on my Dad (yes, I’ve already made sure he’s in the front row!)

It’s going to be a great show, for kiddies and adults alike.

I’ve already walked around the town in my princess dress, attracting a lot of inquisitive looks but I have to say it was great fun, I wish I could wear it all the time!

I love being creative in my job, and this has given me even more of an outlet to show off, because let’s face it, that’s what all actors love to do!

I’d love for you to come and see it, it’s going to be an amazing show, just go to the Downham Amateur Dramatic Society website, where you can buy tickets. I hope to see you there!