KL.FM Off-Air, by Ashleigh Tuttle, September 13, 2016

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No Caption ABCDE ANL-160802-154608001
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So it’s been a bit hectic at KLFM recently! Back to the 80s certainly took us back in time. Throughout the office we were all recalling our favourite memories of our childhood (although at least three of us weren’t even born by then!)

Something many of us do is have a look at what the top number one song was when we were born. Mine wasn’t too bad, it was Love is all around by Wet Wet Wet. My best friend didn’t have it so lucky, she had the theme tune to Mr Blobby!

It’s funny how much music can change. I love pretty much all music but my favourite songs do have to be from the 90s. I think that’s the case though, whatever decade you grew up in will be the one that stays with you the most.

It’s something you don’t really appreciate until your older, how much simpler everything was back then. Even now a big conversation in the office is about the iPhone 7, and how it’s a travesty that there’s not going to be an audio jack for the headphones. I remember how it used to be so awful when I wasn’t allowed outside in the rain, but now there’s so much more to worry about that doesn’t need to be thought about!

So perhaps that’s the message of this little thought bubble, to be thankful for what we have, because we should often be grateful for the most simple of things. After all, the best things in life are free.