KL.FM Off-Air, by Ben Norris, February 21, 2017

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Well this is all new and exciting! This is my very first go at writing anything since I left school, and while I’m not the writer in the family, I’ll give it a good go!

I am the youngest at KL.FM, the baby of the station, but really I have the most important job. As well as being on air on the Evening Show I work behind the scenes, making sure things are running smoothly on air throughout the day.

When you hear a Nothing but the 90’s advert, or a what’s on for a charity ball, I’m the one that’s put them there.

With Pet Rescue in full swing this month I got to visit our four local charities with Si and film the animals that you see on our Pet Rescue page (you can see the videos on KL.FM’s Facebook page every Monday).

Basically I’m very lucky because every day is so enjoyable and fun. We’re coming up to the end of February which means the buzz and creativity is flowing in the KL.FM office, I think I heard someone ask about Mother’s Day and when the clocks roll forward yesterday, and then there was talk about Easter!

Right now our newest venture is in full swing, Si is out every day looking for people to download the KLFM app, with Appy Days. The idea is simple, if you’ve got the app on your phone when he asks, you go into the draw to win an iPhone 7 and you get a cupcake, if you don’t have the app but download it while he’s there you go into the draw but don’t get the cake. So for the last few days every morning there’s been boxes of gorgeous cupcakes delivered to the office, Si has to get rid of all the cakes every day, it’s a goal he’s set himself and has refused to miss.

Unfortunately for the healthy members of the team, there tends to be the odd cake, just sitting on your desk…

Anyway that gives you a bit of an insight into who I am! I hope to be chatting to you again soon! Maybe even at Nothing but the 90s, which you can buy tickets for on our website at klfm967.co.uk