KL>FM Off Air, by Ben Norris, May 30, 2017

Robert Lockerbie, from Wisbech, took this picture of the sky in early morning.
Robert Lockerbie, from Wisbech, took this picture of the sky in early morning.

This week is an interesting one for me. With Charles heading to his brother’s wedding and Si getting in a week off with the family, I’ve been left to fend for myself and keep all things programming at KLFM running smoothly. Not a too daunting task all things considered, I’m quietly confident that I have everything under control. With Si away, this week will see my first appearance on the KLFM Breakfast show.

I’m not worried about the 4.30am alarm calls, but I’m sure my girlfriend will. She’s got the half-term off work and isn’t looking forward to the early starts. And it’s not like I’m doing a full week, with the aid of a bank holiday I only have to get up early four days in a row. The saving grace is that Ashleigh Tuttle will be joining me on Friday morning.

Don’t worry if you’re a fan of Si’s breakfast show, I won’t be making many changes to the running order. I will however be scrapping the £1,000 Minute for the week and bringing back the fan favourite, the £10 Minute! So if you have children that are smart, knowledgeable and are always correcting you, they could come on air and win themselves a tenner of pocket money. Just listen in from 8am for the chance to get them on to play.

The Secret Sound will be making its infamous return for four plays throughout the day. We have nearly £4,500 up for grabs and we’re not lying when we say it’s driving us crazy. If you’ve never had a go at winning the cash but have a small guess please play! Give me a call at 7.20am and if you get the sound right I’ll happily give you the cash!

With the intensity of last week, some rather heavy news stories and Friday’s Local Radio Day, I think it’ll be nice to have a quiet office for a few days, but don’t tell the boys I said that, or they’ll leave me to fend for myself more often. So if you’re heading in to work early this week, getting out with the kids on half-term or heading to the shops I’ll be there to wake you up, get you where you’re going and let you know all the important news you need to know.