KL.FM Off-Air by Charles Dennett, April 28, 2015

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How are those legs feeling? GEAR is only days away and if you signed up just after Christmas thinking that it was months away, then I know how you feel.

It’s amazing the way these things creep up on you, when you sign up for them so far in advance. If you’ve put in the training you should be absolutely fine, and if you haven’t...

Well... You will probably be okay. I can’t guarantee anything though.

In my experience 10k is the perfect distance to run – just long enough for you to chill out, relax, get some rhythm and enjoy the atmosphere, and just short enough that it’s over pretty soon.

I’ve run three 10ks in my time, I think my PB is around the 43 minute-mark, so not too bad.

I’ve also run a couple of marathons too, and in the course of my training I was given some of the best advice from a wily old Scottish runner who used to come out with me. Here they are: 1) Relax and remember to enjoy the occasion 2) Drink plenty 3) If you feel a stitch, deep breaths through your mouth are the way to go.

I hope they are some use to you for GEAR!

For some people it is not all about the personal challenge of GEAR, it’s about the causes and charities they run it for. On the KL.FM website there’s a page where you can post your Just Giving page details and publicise who you are running it for. Our head of sales Lisa is running it for SPEADA and hoping to raise a lot of money. We are clearly all right behind her and will be cheering her on from the sidelines.

I’m always amazed at the generosity of people who donate, and also the selflessness of people who run for a certain cause. Just think about the amount of money that is raised directly for charities as a result of GEAR and the people of West Norfolk. It may not be on a London Marathon scale, but locally it’s huge.

I would have liked to have run GEAR myself, but I am actually going on holiday for a few weeks at the beginning of May. Nevertheless, Simon Rowe will be at the event broadcasting live on the day

(when will he actually run it? Come on Si). GEAR kicks of a big month for KL.FM.

We’ll also be collecting cash for the KL.FM Bring A Pound To Work Day on May 22. There’s a real feeling that May, whilst probably still strictly spring, feels like the beginning of summer for us with so much going on.

For me personally, the sign that summer is on the way has emerged in a different way. I got asked to play cricket for my village team for the first time this weekend. I haven’t played in a good eight years.

I am expecting it to be hilarious and terrifying in equal measure.