KL.FM Off-Air by Charles Dennett, February 28, 2017

Storm Doris damage on Churchill Rd in Wisbech
Storm Doris damage on Churchill Rd in Wisbech
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Last Thursday morning as my alarm went, I checked my phone. I was greeted by social media feeds full of chatter about the impending Storm Doris. I hit snooze and went back to sleep.

Outside, as I walked to work, it was calm. “Storm? What storm?” I thought.

Craig Hicks, our Afternoons presenter asked me as I arrived at the office: “How much coverage should I give Storm Doris?”

“Not much to be honest with you. It’s all quiet Craig. Storm in a teacup I reckon.”

How wrong I was.

Lunchtime arrived, and so did Doris, in force. All of a sudden, the phones at KLFM Towers started to ring. Trees were falling left right and centre – not just on country back roads.

All of a sudden, the most dramatic part of the afternoon, with reports on the KLFM Facebook page that an X1 bus had been blown onto its side and into a field near West Walton. Fifteen people were treated by emergency services, with 11 going to hospital with minor injuries. It could have been so much worse. The X1 route was suspended, the train services from King’s Lynn to King’s Cross were delayed, disrupted or cancelled.

‘Travel chaos’ is a phrase we like to use a lot, but this time it really was.

We sprang into action. Simon Rowe, who’d been in at work since 5am that day, came onto Hometime to do full rolling travel bulletins. Ross Birkenshaw did the same on the KLFM website, ably assisted by Ashleigh.

But the real stars of the day were, as ever, KLFM’s audience. I have used this column many times to praise the generosity of our listeners, but Thursday was really something else. All the information came from our listeners.

Your phone calls and social media messages kept the entire region up to date with what Storm Doris was doing. So thanks to everyone who helped.

Shows you what I know about storms…