KL.FM Off Air, by Charles Dennett, June 21

They say never work with children or animals, and I’m afraid to say that I have definitely not taken that advice to heart.

Small Talk, the feature I do regularly on Hometime takes care of the first bit (and I have to say the children are absolutely wonderful), but more recently, I got to grips with working with canine talent.

Enter KLFM’s resident dog, Stanley, a border terrier who has been tasked with being KLFM’s psychic animal this year for the Euro 2016 football. Stanley is the dog that predicts the outcomes of the England matches. Think the psychic octopus that predicted all the games a few years ago, except with fewer tentacles, more fur and a lot more personality.

The principle is a simple one – it’s all based around Stanley’s complete desire for food. He doesn’t have a clue whether Jamie Vardy or Marcus Rashford will start ahead of Harry Kane, but what he does know is that he likes Jumbones. We take two bowls, stick an England flag on one, and the flag of the opposing team on the other and see which one he goes to eat from. Whichever he decides, must be the winner.

So far, he has displayed an impressive amount of prescience. As I write this, England are yet to play their final group game against Slovakia (gulp), and, according to Stan, it doesn’t look good for Roy Hodgson’s boys. I guess we’ll find out shortly.

Whether Stan will see it past the group stages, and I suppose more importantly, whether England will, we’ll have to wait and see. Take a look at the furry psychic in action on our Facebook page.

Despite the best efforts of the weather to try and stop summer from officially being here, the Euros do make it feel like it’s begun in earnest. When you realise that we’ll soon be in the midst of Festival Too, and be having Water Ski racing on the Ouse – that’s when you know summer has come to King’s Lynn.

Everyone here at KLFM is very excited about Festival Too. The Vamps coming to King’s Lynn is clearly amazing, but also other acts like Gabrielle and Odyssey are sure to make this Festival Too the best yet. I hope that everyone who can make it to King’s Lynn for the fun can. I still pinch myself when I realise that it’s all for free! KLFM will be on stage, on July 2, talking to the crowd and getting excited. Here’s to an amazing summer in West Norfolk and WIsbech – Let’s hope the sun joins us soon.