KL.FM Off-Air, by Charles Dennett, March 17, 2015

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Where to start! As I write this column, I am sat with matchsticks in my eyes after a late night quizzing at the town hall to raise money for Mayor’s Charity. KL.FM had two teams entered in a bid to secure top spot in the rankings. Around 20 teams rocked up in the end, bringing with them some serious enthusiasm and bags of general knowledge and it might sound a bit defeatist but we’d already come to terms with the fact that KL.FM probably weren’t going to come home with first prize. Immediately, it became a battle for supremacy within the KL.FM office – The KL.FM All Stars vs Posh Charles and Friends. Posh Charles and Friends won the day. I’m not smug. Much.

Anyway, nearly £600 was raised for the Mayor’s Charity, which was the whole point, and much fun was had by all.

As if trouncing the other KL.FM team in the quiz wasn’t enough, I’ve also got a big grin because spring really is in the offing. We’ve had some lovely weather in King’s Lynn over the last few weeks, and there really is nothing better than wandering through the Vancouver Quarter with sunglasses and no jacket. Also, I’m sure I’m not alone in loving this time of year because we finally get to enjoy the evenings pulling out. A week ago I was able to pinpoint the first time I had arrived home before dark since October, and it was a very special feeling. It’s not just the evenings – I sometimes have to put in an early start and let’s face it, there’s nothing better than it being light when you get up. As a fan of a barbecue and a beer in the garden, let me be the first to say, roll on summer.

The weather was so good a few weekends ago that I was able to witness something quite special in the skies over Cambridgeshire when I visited the Imperial War Museum at Duxford – I hadn’t been there since I was at school – to take a look around and enjoy some history which is quite personal to me. The weather was so good that I was treated to a pretty special sight – the repeated take-off and landing of the two-seater Spitfire that flies from the still active airfield. The sound in itself was incredible and frankly unmistakable.

I remember back in September last year the Spitfire flew over King’s Lynn on the way back from an air show – giving us all a small idea of what the skies must have been like 75 years ago.

It was particularly exciting for me to see the Spitfire at Duxford as I’ve been heavily involved in the King’s Lynn Spitfire trail which is planned for this summer.

It will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The work done by the King’s Lynn Air Training Corps to bring the trail to the town is fantastic, and I think it really has the potential to be something very special indeed.