KL.FM Off-Air, by Charles Dennett, March 21, 2017

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It’s not easy working at KLFM at the moment if you like cake. Not only have we had a run of birthdays, but the office is stacked top to toe with cupcakes. It’s as Simon Rowe heads back out on the road for KLFM’s Appy Days. He’s delivering cupcakes to everyone who has KLFM’s App on their phones – but I have to say that for those of us watching our waistlines, it’s not ideal! I have consistently been downloading and then uninstalling KLFM’s App in an attempt to get Si to give me more cupcakes, but he’s seen straight through me… Hmm.

The sweet tooth theme doesn’t stop there for KLFM, and the temptation doesn’t stop for me either. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but KLFM’s Easter Egg Appeal will soon be back across West Norfolk, Wisbech and Fakenham. It’s our big drive to collect Easter Eggs for children who may otherwise not get an egg this year. It’s a really feel good atmosphere and for the first time ever, I am actually getting myself out of the studio and heading out to collect!

If you want to see where KLFM is going to be and when, head to the KLFM website.

Annoyingly, this year, my motivation to shed the pounds (put on by cake and chocolate) isn’t as present as it has been in the past. That’s because I have dodged running gear this year!

That said, whilst I haven’t been running, I have managed to find a sport that I am loving. I recently gained my first stripe whilst training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! I’ve been training since September last year, and, whilst I never thought that martial arts would be my thing, I completely love it. It’s taught me two hugely important lessons in 2017 – regular exercise can’t be beaten when it comes to helping you relax, and you need to push yourself into situations outside of your comfort zone. I am so glad I forced myself to go. If only I could curb my love for cake and chocolate, I’d be skinny as anything with the amount of training…