KL.FM Off Air, by Charles Dennett, March 8, 2016

Charles Dennett KL.FM presenter ANL-150313-143540001
Charles Dennett KL.FM presenter ANL-150313-143540001

Last week I wrote in this very column that I was happy that Spring was well and truly on the way… I definitely spoke too soon.

If you believe the headlines, the coldest March for a long time is soon to be upon us. I’ll believe the snow stories when I see them.

Anyway, the cold weather has had something of a double whammy for me this week. Not only has optimism of a spring warm snap been crushed on my walks to work, but so have my tentative plans of getting some training for the Grand East Anglia Run under my belt.

I’ve been chatting on air recently about how quickly things creep up on you – back in September I was asked about running GEAR. “KLFM need someone to run GEAR Charles… You’ve done some running in the past haven’t you?” That’s how it went. “When is it? May?” was my reply, thinking that I’ve got at least six months to get some training in. Next thing you know, I’m filling in my forms and forgetting all about it.

A similar thing happened in November. “Charles, you know how you’ve skydived? Do you want to do one for the Mayor’s Charity?” “When is it? May?” and then, next thing you know, I’m doing a skydive.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not being ungrateful – I love my job and the opportunities I get. I’m also thrilled to be able to raise some money for some amazing causes, including this year’s Mayor’s Charity, Bridge For Heroes. But isn’t it terrifying how quickly things can creep up on you? When I agreed to run 10k and jump out of a plane (within the space of three days of each other by the way), they were just way off in the distance. The words “Yes, okay” were out of my mouth within seconds… The commitment was made!

Next thing you know you know, they’re very real. Here’s to hoping I can bring myself to do them both!

On the topic of how quickly time marches on, last week marked a year since I presented my first show on KLFM. It’s been one hell of year for me, and I can honestly say that I’ve never loved working anywhere as much as KLFM and King’s Lynn. Without getting too soppy, King’s Lynn is a wonderful place to live and work – all too often we spend too much time focusing on what’s wrong with West Norfolk. KLFM has always been focused on what is great about West Norfolk and Wisbech, too, and I’ve met some amazing people and explored some of the most wonderful places our neck of the woods has to offer.

Maybe, if you get the chance this week, try to just take the time to realise how awesome our part of the world is compared to everywhere else.