KL.FM Off-Air, by Charles Dennett, May 2, 2017

GEAR 2017
GEAR 2017
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How do your calves feel today?

No, that’s not as weird a question as you might think. If you were trying to get into town on Sunday, you’ll know why and if you were running round it you’ll know that it applies to you!

Yes, another May Bank Holiday, another Grand East Anglia Run. Last year I was in agony, my calves and legs aching, having run (if you can call it that) around the centre of King’s Lynn, down to South Lynn, along the river and back into town, before looping into the Walks, and back to the Tuesday Market Place.

My run wasn’t fast, it was sweaty, and laboured, and a lot of fun. It didn’t help that after around six months of no exercise I had played the first cricket game of the season the day before and my legs were already screaming at me… No exercise for six months and then two days back to back?! No way.

The crowds were fantastic and the course as brilliant as ever, but try as I might, my delusions of grandeur could notcome true. (I genuinely thought with next to no training, or any real level of fitness, I would trot around to record a sub-45 minute time.

GEAR then for me was a bit of a watershed moment. I used to do a lot of running when I was younger, but had fallen out of love with it.

Nothing about GEAR suggested I was about to fall in love with it again, so I decided to explore around for some more sports I could take up. Having played squash a bit when I was at university I decided to give that a bash… I tried rock climbing, and fell into martial arts.

I was as surprised as anyone that I loved Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as much as I did, but nine months later, I haven’t looked back and now train upwards of three times a week. I am fitter than I have ever been, have a whole new group of friends, and a hobby I can rely on for relaxation outside work.

And it all came from that jog around King’s Lynn on a May morning.

If you ran on Sunday, well done and know that even if you didn’t West Norfolk’s sporting scene is so diverse you’ll be able to find something you love and enjoy that can keep you fit. Take my word for it.