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KL.FM Off-Air, by Charlotte Fisher, July 25, 2017

Vancouver Quarter.
Vancouver Quarter.

First impressions of a person or a place are incredibly important.

I had never visited Lynn and I did not know the area of West Norfolk very well.

However, I have now been living here for five days and have already got a real sense of the area.

While driving into the centre of the town on my first day, the historic elements of the town were prominent. There was evidently more to Lynn than I first thought. The history behind the town offers charisma and historic architecture.

This is important because it’s not a big town, it adds something different and attractive to visitors.

Another positive impression is that it’s a seaport town. I love being close to the coast and I love seafood, both of which Lynn can offer.

Being new to the town, one of the hardest things is getting to know your way around. However, the centre of Lynn is very easy to navigate around.

The centre of town is almost a square and it is very difficult to get lost.

I have begun to familiarise myself with the surroundings and with a little help from Google Maps. Within four days I am confident I know the centre of the town well.

There are also a great range of shops and places to eat within the centre of the town that can be used for all necessities. Not only is there a busy town where you are close to the river but there are nice areas very close to the centre to relax or take children to play. The Walks are a historic park in the heart of the town with a 42-acre park.

Whenever I drive past it always looks idyllic and beautiful parks close to the centre of town are always appealing to me.

My first impressions of Lynn have been only positive and it is appealing to see a town offer so much in the way of amenities, history and activities.

Coming to live in a new town that you have never visited before can always be daunting but I am thoroughly looking forward to spending more time here and getting to know the area even better.

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