KL.FM Off-Air by Christopher Dean, December 22, 2015

Christopher Dean, KL.FM prog director
Christopher Dean, KL.FM prog director
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I hate to ruin the festive season for everyone with the following announcement - but I am leaving King’s Lynn after just 6 months at KLFM. I know, I’m sorry to leave that hole in your life at such as special time of year, but you must be strong.

In all seriousness, my stint at KL.FM is coming to an end as I move back up North to the hills and rain of Lancashire. Since making the ‘announcement’, the question I have been asking a lot is ‘have you enjoyed your time in King’s Lynn?’. So here is my answer.

I’ll begin with the things that I won’t miss. I) The traffic on London Road. 2) Living apart from my girlfriend. 3) My bedroom overlooking Norfolk Street and the subsequent lack of sleep.

What will I miss? Lots. The town of King’s Lynn has so much going for it.

I feel safe here. I’ve lived in numerous towns in the UK as a result of working in radio, and I honestly have never felt so secure. Whenever I’ve said that to anyone from the area, they have rolled their eyes and said ‘you must be joking?’, which I struggle to understand as to my mind there is a lovely village feel to the place and it’s something I’ve admired since I moved in.

I will also miss the stunning countryside. A short drive and you are in some amazing villages, on amazing beaches and soaking up some amazing countryside. Do not take that for granted! Many an afternoon has been spent on a walk or asleep on a village green and it’s been magical.

Which reminds me – the weather!! I don’t know if I’ve just been lucky, but my time here has felt like a holiday thanks to the warm and pleasant sunshine which seems to have hung around. I’ve regularly been told that Norfolk is the driest county in the UK and my non-scientific system of looking at my t-shirt tan line would back that up.

Plus, I will also miss the outstanding local radio station that is KL.FM. Obviously. My plan is to now enter the Secret Sound as I’m allowed to enter as I’ll no longer be an employee! Some January cash coming my way. Flawless plan.

All the best West Norfolk. Fare y’well!