KL.FM Off-Air by Darren Taylor, February 10, 2015

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It might only be the middle of February but it already feels like spring is well on its way at KL.FM. There’s a mood of real optimism and confidence in all areas of our business at the moment. I believe that a media business like ours that relies on advertising from local businesses, is a great barometer of business confidence in our area and if we’re busy, that’s because dozens of other local companies and organisations are busy as well.

Well I’m delighted to say that the first half of our financial year has broken all records and, whilst we would never count our financial chickens before they’re hatched, all the signs going forward are very positive.

The latest audience figures published last week saw another terrific performance by all of our presenters with Adam’s Breakfast Show doing particularly well, giving him number 1 spot in the battle against Radio 2’s Chris Evans.

This is testament to all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes week in, week out at Blackfriars Street. Talking to some radio industry contacts a few days ago I calculated that more people work on just one standard show on Radio 2 than work in total at KL.FM. That’s not a pop at the BBC but it does show just how we have to work to compete with them.

You might have read a couple of weeks in this paper that Charles from the news team is making the move over to host his show shortly and nobody is more pleased about that than I am.

Developing the people who work for us is one of the central tenets of our business and we’re all delighted that Charles has stepped up to this role.

Meanwhile over on the news desk, Emily has been celebrating being nominated in the top three radio newsreaders in the country at the IRN awards.

We’ll know in a couple of weeks if she’s actually won but just to be in the top three out of literally hundreds of other journalists is a great achievement. In typical journalist style, she was last seen celebrating with an oversized bottle of vodka sent from our group head of news in Cornwall.

We were also proud to be able to host the West Norfolk Sports Awards at the Corn Exchange a couple of weeks ago. This year was a little special because for the first time, we started the evening with a musical act. Nearly 700 guests were absolutely blown away by a singer song-writer called Jack Savoretti. His new record is already in the album charts and music industry gossip says that he’ll be a major star by the summer.

He’s received rave reviews from a number of music magazines like Mojo and newspapers including the Sunday Times although I doubt he’s ever received finer praise than from an anonymous guest at the Sports Awards (no clues but she was wearing her chain of office at the time) who told me ‘he’s a lovely piece of eye candy’.