KL.FM Off-Air, by Darren Taylor, July 5, 2016

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UGC ENGANL00220131006092828
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Depressing as recent events on the football pitch in France might have been for all England supporters in King’s Lynn and West Norfolk, one member of our community has emerged with a reason to feel pleased with himself.

I refer, of course, to Psychic Stanley, KLFM’s resident psychic dog who correctly predicted that Iceland would defeat England last week. You might have seen Stanley on the KLFM Facebook page. Confronted with two food bowls with a biscuit in each, Stanley had no hesitation in eating from the one marked ‘Iceland’, thus demonstrating without doubt that he truly has the power to see into the future.

Stanley belongs to me and my wife and his actions lead to a somewhat heated conversation at Taylor Towers about whether we should invest some cash on his choice. Should we be loyal supporters of the national team, or should we trust in the psychic powers of our beloved border terrier? In the end, and to my great regret, I concluded the dog couldn’t possibly right and I missed the chance to cash in. However, all is not lost as I have already conferred with Stanley about the result of this autumn’s X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and, of course, next year’s Crufts.

Meanwhile, back at KLFM we are all enjoying this year’s brilliant Festival Too. The organisers have done exceptionally well this year to put together a line-up that really offers something for everyone. There are music festivals all over Europe charging hundreds of pounds for tickets and yet we get six days of amazing entertainment for absolutely nothing. I know it’s been said a thousand times, but we mustn’t take Festival Too for granted. If you’re on the Tuesday Market Place this Friday or Saturday, please drop a couple of pounds into a Festival Too bucket.

Finally, a quick mention of the proposed Business Improvement District. Plans are now well developed for a vote in the autumn and judging by the feedback I’ve heard and seen, I’m confident businesses will vote to approve the creation of the BID. Town centres across the UK are under increasing pressure from out of town developments and internet shopping. Now, more than ever, the town needs to come together and take positive action.

If any business in the town centre wants to know more about BID, please feel free to contact me at the radio station.

Darren Taylor